MARTIN NIEVERA Is Buddy Bear: A Teddy Bear Collector?

MYXPH got the chance to have a sit down with the Concert King Martin Nievera and was able to ask him about the little quirks that make him who he is.

When asked if he had a weird or odd collection, Martin hesitated before saying, "I am not proud of this, but during my prime... my Daniel Padilla days... my hair was long, i was young... good looking, I collected teddy bears."

You heard that right! The artist, who celebrates 30 years in the music industry used to be a teddy bear collector. When asked where he would buy them he said, "Oh no! Girls that used to like me before, even in high school would give me teddy bears. They were gifts to me because they said i'm so nice to hug.. like a teddy bear."

Indeed after many years, the Concert King seems to still exude that image, in addition to his charisma and friendliness! 

"When I came to the Philippines, I had at least 75 teddy bears." Imagine that! 75! Does that mean he had 75 admirers and fans?

He went on saying that he was so known for those teddy bears that Gift Gate Center in 1983, even made him his own teddy bear! Search it up! It's called the Buddy Bear, according to Martin. To date, it seems as though Martin Nievera is the only local artist who has had a teddy bear made specially for him!

"Does Daniel Padilla have a teddy bear?" Martin joked around. Aside from having a whole attic in his Alabang house filled with teddy bears way back, He shared that he used to also collect trophies. 

Like the bears, he gave the trophies away. Bears went to orphanages and trophies were distributed to different places! 

But why would he like to give his priced possessions away? Martin explained that he didn't like going home and seeing the trophies. "When I get to my house, I don't wanna be reminded of how great I was, or how great I should be. I should be home and be the master of my home with or without a trophy," he concluded.

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