PETE WENTZ Would Be A Famous Soccer Player If Not A Bassist!

MYXPH got up close and personal with the bassist of the famous band Fall Out Boy in an attempt to get to know him a little better. 

With the Manila show coming soon, MYX got the opportunity to talk to the artist and find out just about what goes on in his head. We all know Pete Wentz cause of his membership in the band but think about it, what if he wasn't in the band? How would we probably know him?

"I wanted to be a soccer player," Pete said. Does that mean we would've seen him wearing jersey shorts rather than skinny jeans if ever he didn't get into the music scene? "Yeah, I guess so... I mean, I think I would've tried but i'm not really sure how far I would've gone. Maybe in an alternate universe, I'd be a soccer player," he went on before ending with a laugh.

But it looks like that will never happen cause the Pete Wentz we do know is pretty big in the music scene. When asked about his influences when he was younger, he shared that he looked up to "Guns 'N Roses" and "Michael Jackson." 

Can we say that these big names have a little something to do with the kind of music he contributes to the band? What do you guys think?

When it came to talking about the style of the band and that it if it has changed throughout the years, Pete said, "I feel like it has evolved. From that way I think it has changed. I just think that it connotes such a negative idea with the word change. Change is good...If things didnt change, the world would be always the way it was. We've changed for the better or have evolved at least."

Indeed we can see that sort of change in the new album "Save Rock and Roll." "I think all the albums are pretty different from each other. This one has the longest space between it. We had the most time off. In that way, its the most different. We're always heading for something different anyway," he concluded.

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