"We're Probably A Tighter, Better Band Than Before!" ûáFALL OUT BOY's PETE WENTZ

Have you bought your Fall Out Boy tickets yet? Well, we sure do hope so! If not, maybe this MYXCLUSIVE interview will make your change your mind!

MYXPH had the honor of interviewing Pete Wentz from the famous rock band Fall Out Boy. We wanted to find out what it was that fans and followers could expect in the upcoming concert here in the country this August 8. 

but of course, before all that, we wanted to know about his take on the band's previous long indefinite break. "I did a little bit of stuff. But mostly...most of the time...being a regular person just hanging out, you know?" he said when asked what he did during the free time. He continued on saying, "we've been doing the band for eight years straight I just got back in the business of being a person."

Imagine being in the industry for so long. All the pressure and paparazzi can completely take over one's life. It just makes sense that Pete wanted time to sit back and relax. It seems as though it was refreshing for him to be not so under the microscope for a change. 

When asked about working on the new album and the struggles or expectations they had to face, Pete shared saying, "I think, the great thing about doing an undercover album is that there isn't a big expectation. If ever there was an expectation, it comes from ourselves. We would just like to make the best album." 

The band was pretty confident releasing the album, seen especially in the way that they set it out earlier than scheduled. Pete said, "waiting was good. it gave us a chance to finish a couple of last minute things. But to have the label move it forward...yeah! that was awesome!"

The band is locked and loaded, and quite ready to rock and roll in Manila. Expect a new energy! "There is a new energy definitely on stage because we got a chance to figure ourselves out on our own, and come back together again. Even more than that, we're probably tighter and a better band than we ever were before. Expect the best possible Fall," he said.

"I think there will be a good mix of songs. I guess it all depends on the mood," Pete concluded. 

So fans, will you be present in the crowd hyping the band up to play the songs that you love? Don't dare miss out on the band's comeback! They've played here before but for sure that this time, it will be a completely different experience!

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