MARTIN NIEVERA Sings In The Shower For Two Hours?

Ever wonder what artists do before their big performance? Well, MYXPH got a little curious and tried to find out just what kind of rituals are done in preparation! 

Who better yet to ask but the Concert King himself! After being in the industry for more than 30 years, it looks like a sure bet to get to know his tradition. Does he starve himself cause of pre-show jitters? Does he drown himself listening to his songs on his mp3? No. Shockingly enough, Martin considers his long shower a ritual of his. 

You heard it right! Shower. 

"In every show, the ritual changes. It used to be one hour, if not two hour long showers...with a very very wet sequence guide stuck to the wall," Martin shared. Looks like this artist enjoys singing in the bathroom huh?

"I go through every song and visual what i'm going to say. I have no script.... but it becomes lesser now, its less than two hours," he says. It all depends he expounded. There are instances where during his pre-concert ritual, he realizes "OMG! We're on in two minutes!" or  "Oh! I forgot my ano in the house!" therefore cutting his relaxing bath shorter and shorter. "It's not as organized and as ritual as it used to be," Martin declared.

"I visualize, vocalize, semi memorize and internalize what i'm going to do to surprise everybody watching the show," the Concert King answers when asked why he values his pre-concert baths.

"I want it fresh! I don't want to over rehearse. I want the song to be new to me as well. You know, kinda now the lyrics... but during the performance, let it all out!" Martin concludes.

This artist takes singing in the shower to a whole nother level! For him, its all about internalizing the songs and not stressing over the show. The key to a good performance, for Martin, is a show done wholeheartedly! 

MYXPH wonders what other artist have to say about their pre-concert rituals. Any Requests? Let us know by leaving a comment below!