Tweet MARTIN NIEVERA Your Song Requests For Tatlong Dekada 3D Concert

Yes! Martin Nievera fans love the corny songs! 

Expect the old hits of the Concert King in his upcoming Tatlong Dekada 3D Concert. You asked for it, and Martin Nievera will be giving it to you! 

Amazing how social networking sites much like Twitter has been used by artists to get a better feel of what fans want from them and their shows. Martin maximizes this and finds out just what songs fans and followers want him to sing via his Twitter account @4eversinging4u. 

When MYXPH got to sit with the Martin Nievera, we asked him what he has done and is still doing in preparation for his show. "First and foremost we have to choose songs and that's the hardest because i've done so many CDs... not even including the pirated ones!" Martin said then joked around. 

specifically, Martin said "I went on Twitter and all the social networks, and asked "what do you wanna hear me sing?" And so we chose the best of those or the most requested." Even the corny songs like "Be My Lady" and "Ikaw Lang" came up, the artist said. He said that the fans want it so much that they don't want any other rendition of it, they want it as it is. He even told MYXPH a story where he sang "Holiday" and made it reggae to spice it up but fell short cause "no one got it". "They wanna hear it as beautiful as it was! If its not broken don't fix it!" said the Concert King.

We can expect thirty years of Martin's old classics and maybe a few different changes on the arrangements as much as possible. "A little more on the rock, a little more David Foster-ish," is what we will hear when we attend his celebratory show.

Wanna know what Martin does before the show in preparation? Click here and find out what pumps him up! 

Excited to be serenaded by this charming and talented singer? Let us know if you're going to see him by leaving a comment below!