"Hindi totoo yung sinasabi nila na pag walang talent wala na," Jhong Hilario On Not Knowing How To Dance

No doubt about it that Jhong Hilario is pretty much on of the dance icons we have here in the country. He has been known for his skill and incredible talent, but did you know that long before he didn't even know how to dance?

"i didnt know how to dance when i auditioned in StreetBoys. But I knew how to do stunts," Jhong said when MYXPH got the chance to sit down and chat with him about how he started in his career. "Dati uso yung follow the leader at luksong baka... at mayroong stunts doon. Nagpractice ako ng tumbling tas natuto na ako," he shared. 

So how did he get into StreetBoys if he didn't know how to dance? Jhong told us a story about how he used his skills in gymnastics to get into the team. "Mga friends ko, mahilig sa club. So pumunta kami ng club tas may audition ng bagong group... sabi nung isa "try natin! try natin!" nagtumbling ako tas nakuha ako. Yung mga kaibagan ko di nakuha," said the dancer.

He saw it as an opportunity to learn something new. What's nice with Jhong was that he was willing to learn. Imagine what he learned form playing silly games! He learned how to flip and fly! What more if he learned from actual professionals about how to dance? 

"Binigyan ako ng chance tas pinagigihan ko kasi gusto ko... kumbaga ito yung magiging buhay ko!" he remarked. It looks like Jhong was set on following this career. He said he always gave 100% effort if not double the effort. "Sila nagpapahinga na, ako rehearsal parin. Hanggang natuto na ako. Ngayon, naging choreographer na ako, nagturo na kao sa ASAP. Nasa Showtime na ako!" 

Jhong believed in his potential and used his passion to drive him to success. "Hindi totoo yung sinasabi nila na pag walang talent wala na." For Jhong, it can be learned just as long as you put effort into it. and true enough, we can see just about how all his effort has allowed him to be the dancer he is today. 

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