KAMIKAZEE Drummer's EVIL GENIUS Clothing Co. Has Some Merch FOR YOU!

The brain child of this graphic clothing company calls himself an evil genius! Allan Burdeos of Kamikazee has opened his own clothing line called Evil Genius Clothing Co. putting his other skills on the spotlight making designs for his business! Spotted sporting Evil Genius Clothing are Kamikazee, Moonstar88, Franco, Queso, Greyhoundz, Chicosci and they designed the official shirt of the T5 tour. Fans are also getting into the Evil Genius craze too!

If you want these awesome merch, join our promo now by answering the form below! Contest ends August 16, 2013!

Follow Evil Genius Clothing on their official social media sites:

Twitter: @evilgeniuscc 



  • JajaUmali

    posted 4 years ago

    excited na ko ditooooo! kelan kaya i-announce ang winners?? :D

  • JajaUmali

    posted 4 years ago

    ayos to!! :3 astig!! \m/

  • JayMYXers

    posted 4 years ago

    when will be the result :D hehehhe so excited ^_^
    ilike the shirt