MYXPH scoured the University of the Philippines Diliman this week to pinpoint the fashion mavens on campus. With the university being a big school housing more than a thousand students all coming from different courses and year levels, MYXPH was able to find four stylish students who resemble international artist fashion ensembles!

Join us as we play the name game! Tell us if you think they're styles resemble or are plain right different! Let's begin?


Look at who we have here! Meet Gabrielle Tuazon. She's a BA Speech Communication student who is already on her fourth year. This week, she sported a pastel blue long sleeved sweater matched with a floral skirt bluish purple skirt. Even during the cold weather of August, she tries to mix it up and make it a little girly! Would you say it looks like something Taylor Swift would wear?


With a sweet looking outfit like that, no doubt about it, you'll look like a Taylor Swift in the making. Just like Gabrielle, Taylor Swift is known for going out in the daintiest, girliest yet most conservative attires. What do you think about the comparison? Is it a go or a no?


Katriel Sadorra studying BS Materials Engineering also caught MYXPH's eye! This fourth year student keeps it simple and flirty by wearing a dark floral dress. No rain will pour over her parade! This girl dresses for the sun in hopes of a good everyday August weather!


We think she dresses much like Katy Perry. Look! Not only are they both wearing a dark floral dress that look so alike, but also they pose in the most demure way possible! What do you have to say about this match up? 


Let's move on over to this quirky long haired lady! Meet Sam Vitriolo, a bubbly UP freshman! This sporty girl spices up her day wear with a tiger print sweater! She's ready for the cold, as we can see! 

Her outfit is very Rihanna. Yay or Nay? It's almost a match made in heaven! Same tiger print and same sporty flair! Sam and Rihanna like to put a little edge in their wardrobe.


Now we are on to our last UP fashion maven! Above, you will see the handsome Pocholo Torres, who is taking up MA Creative Writing. This free spirit dresses up with a muscle shirt printed with graphic typography and makes sure his shoes compliments the attire through color. 

He looks a bit like Justin Bieber, wouldn't you say? They both wear white muscle graphic shirts that accentuate their toned arms, not to mention their similar choice of colored footwear. 

>That concludes our UP fashion visit! What can you say about our finds? Any suggestions as to who they dress like? 

Tell us which artist's fashion you like the most by leaving a comment below!



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    posted 4 years ago

    yeah only at UP !! :)