CARLY RAE JEPSEN's Favorite "Call Me Maybe" Parody Video Is...

At the press conference today, we, along with other members of the press tried our best to get in the mind of the pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen.

One thing we learned from the Canadian singer was that a lot of the music she listens to fall under a genre not quite the same as hers. "I really love jazz and I really love folk music. When i'm on my off time, that's what I listen too." I guess that's what happens when you grow up listening to those genres. It sticks. And yet, despite that fact, Carly shows her diversity by delving into a genre completely away from it.  

Her songs are known for its catchy and upbeat melody. Remember "Call Me Maybe"? The song propelled her into the scene and stuck in the heads of millions and millions of listeners. All she has is gratitude to have a song like that, said the artist. Before, she only dreamed of hitting the top 10 of iTunes in her country Canada. Not only did it hit #1 but it hit the charts worldwide! Her success can be seen so apparently through the various parody videos that followed after her break. Carly thinks her favorite "Call Me Maybe" remake video would be the one with the Cookie Monster in it. "I grew up with Sesame Street. I never thought I'd see the Cookie Monster! it's really rad!" she said. 

When it came to talk about her future plans with her career, Carly expressed, "I like a lot of different sounds and i'm kind of in that happy phase of dreaming up whats next. and i cant say what that is yet but it will be fun, whatever the process takes me on!"

Will we see the artist try to sing songs of jazz and folk in the future? Will we see her hitting charts again? 

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    ang ganda!


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    CRJ really was originally a jazz singer...:D