"Wear something especially crazy tomorrow, I just might call you out!"- CARLY RAE JEPSEN


 Hey! We just met you, and this is crazy!

The star behind the viral hit "Call Me Maybe" has landed in Manila and is more than excited to sing for her Filipino fans. 

This breakout pop act first turned heads with her song "Call Me Maybe," which has sold more than 10 million singles worldwide. It was such a favorite that ordinary joes, as well as famous local and even international celebrities began to make video versions of it! 

MYXPH sat in today during the press conference of the now red haired banged beauty, Carly Rae Jepsen. The Canadian artist strutted in the venue with a new hairstyle that made the press wonder about the change. 

When asked about the sudden shift of hair color and length, Carly answered by sharing that she had been sporting her dark hair and bangs since she was four years old. "I was so terrified of change," she added. But after the whirlwind experience she had last year cause of her music, she found it appropriate to "go red and do something different." 

No doubt about it, this 27 year old singer looks good no matter the hair color! She even shared that dry shampoo is one of her hair tips and tricks. 

Well, we hope that the weather here in the Philippines doesn't harm her long locks! Being in a new country can do that. 

When asked about her plans in terms of being in a new country, Carly said she looks forward to shopping. "Shopping is something I do everywhere I go. It's a bit of an addiction," she shared. She looks forward too to trying some Filipino dishes, just like any artist. The press began to scream out favorites like halo-halo and of course the infamous balut.

There isn't a lot of time for her to scour the streets and malls of Manila, with her concert being tomorrow! Carly said "one thing I would love to bring to a live show is a little spontaneity. I feel like when I get too rehearsed with it, that's the moment I zone out." She says she tries her best to interact with her band mates and feed off of their energy. So expect that from her tomorrow during her "pop retro party." Carly even said that she just might call out people to go on stage, given that they wear funky and crazy outfits! So watch out and be prepared Carly fans! 

Catch the "This Kiss," and "Tonight I'm Getting Over You" singer tomorrow night August 7 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Watch her in the limelight and dance with her as she sings you hit after hit! 

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