CARLY RAE JEPSEN Live In Manila : Singing Even After Technical Mishap

The Smart Araneta Coliseum was filled with brightly dressed fans and followers last night, August 7, 2013. Everyone waited in anticipation for Carly Rae Jepsen's concert here in Manila for months, and finally it is over.

People came pouring in the venue dressed in vibrant hues almost non-stop. The dome housed thousands of concert-goers, by the time the front act began singing at around 8:30 PM. Markki Stroem's sultry and soothing voice warmed up the crowd. He sang songs such as  "Steal Your Soul" and the more commonly known "Forget You" and "Rehab." 

By 9:00 the stage lit up and the crowd began to go wild. Everyone knew that the concert was about to begin. The dome chanted Carly's name and under the limelight came out, non other than the pop star behind the viral song "Call Me Maybe," Carly Rae Jepsen.

Carly Rae Jepsen opened the show with the song "This Kiss." She strutted in wearing an all black attire. From a black jacket, to a black cropped top, black leather-like shorts and black shoes. The only thing that wasn't black was her newly died red hair!

The audience sang along and jammed with the artist with much passion. Lyrics of "Good Time" filled the coliseum as men and women, young and old, began jumping up and down and nodding their heads to the beat. 

Confetti filled the air by the time she belted out lines from "Tiny Little Bows." The singer pranced around on stage all giddy and in enjoyment. 

"Who here broughtt their sweetheart?" Carly yelled out. "And who here came in single?" she continued. She instructed the audience to look to the left and the right before saying "I have a habit of playing cupid." Shortly after her little intro, guitar tunes from her song "Sweetie" began to play. 

She called on Travis at one point. She told the crowd "I want to do a little acoustic number for you. Are you up for it? We don't usually get to do this but since it's our first time to play hereà"  "Almost Said It" played and the fans went wild to every word she said. Carly surely wanted to give Manila a one of a kind concert.

Another song Carly sang was "Take a Picture," wehre she prompted fans to of her a favor. She said, "tweet me your photos then I'll tweet you back." Automatically, girls and even boys started being more aggressive when it came to taking photos. Some would even defy the bouncers lurking around. Indeed, she got everyone fired up and even more involved in her show. 

After introducing the band behind the beautiful ensemble, she went on with an intro instructing everyone to imagine their exes and to put their hand up and start punching the air. Fans new that this song would be "Tonight I'm Getting Over You." People stood and started swaying side by side while yelling out the song emotionally. 

One awkward moment during the concert was when the microphone suddenly stopped working. You could hear the room being filled with boos before it turned into a chant of Carly's name. When audio got on back, the fans screamed with joy. Carly said "I was worried! i thought I had to start tap dancingàand I'm the worst tap dancer! Wanna see?" And of course the crowd pleaded to see the star do it. And she did it. 

By the moment it was time to sing the last song, Carly got the fans hyped up by saying she was gonna pick people to join her onstage to dance. It was like a riot. A semi moshpit began to emerge. Four lucky Carly Jepsen fans got the chance to groove with her on stage and sing along, thanks to their eye catching attires. 

Confetti began to sprinkle everywhere and suddenly it was over. 

It was a concert to be remembered and one that surely left attendees with the last song syndrome. 

Check out more photos from the concert here.

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