Will We Take Home A Crown? 3 Philippine Crews Place Top 3 In Megacrew HHI

With the FIBA win, Filipinos are more than proud and supportive. The Filipino talent is really one of a kind! So much so that even in the realm of dancing, the Philippines places and wins top ranks.

Currently happening now is the World Hip Hop International Competition in Las Vegas. Representatives from all over the world have come to unite and go head to head with each other. 

The Philippines took championship last year for the Adult Division, will our teams win again this year? 

It looks like all signs point to a possible "yes!" Our correspondent Sassy Cuna updates us on the results of the last Megacrew leg. 

Dancers and followers of the competition bombarded Twitter with comments during the said division. Everyone was more than sure that the Philippines would find their spots on the roster since the crowd during the performance was more than impressed with the talent exhibited. 

Filipino pride was felt all throughout the Twitterverse when the results were announced. Not only did our teams get into the next leg of the Megacrew division, but also they took the top three spots!  


Above is a photo (taken from @sassycuna) of the members of the three Philippine teams all united for prayer. All their hard work has proven to be worth it. Now that they are in the finals, all they have to do is push harder to bag the crown!


The teams are more than excited to show the world what Filipino talent is all about. Let's pray and root for them as they move on to the next step of their challenge! (photo form @sassycuna)