5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About CARLY RAE JEPSEN

MYX always wonders what artists do during their free time. we've asked many local artists already, so this time, we tried to find out what one international artist does when she's off work. 

Who is it? Well, non other than the pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen, who recently had her concert there in Manila!

When the banged beauty was asked about what she does when she has time, she said:

"My most alone time, believe it or not, is when i'm alone on the plane." Being a start, you'd think you would get to do whatever you wanted to do, but looks like that's not the case! The fact that Carly loves her alone time in the plane is probably the first thing you didn't know about her. 

Second would be her fondness for reading! "I do a lot of reading. I'm starting a bit of a book club cause I'm such a nerd when it comes to books. I'm starting a book club called The Nerdy Girl Book Club," said the singer.

Did you ever see her as a bookworm? It's amazing that the singer finds time to read and explore the wonderful stories many authors have to offer!

Third thing you most probably didn't know is the fact that she enjoys getting crafty in the kitchen. "I like to bake actually," she also mentioned. She shared that before being in the career she is in now, she once was a pastry chef assistant! And even after all the fame and fortune, she still finds time to cook up concoctions. 

Fourth would be her touring past time. When she's not reading or baking, she goes shopping! She says that she is the biggest shoe lover, aside from being a big ice cream lover as well. "I have a really bad sweet tooth, so I have to constantly exercise to fight it off!" Which is the fifth thing you now know about her. 

Wow! Now we can look at the star in a different light. She's just like any of us who finds enjoyment in simple pleasures.

How do you feel about what she shared? let us know by leaving a comment below!  



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