UP Streetdance Club Makes The Philippines Proud!

Instagram photo from our correspondent @sassycuna

The Philippine shows its remarkable talent in almost any field. With team Gilas winning second place at the FIBA basketball competition, UP dance crew follows with a third place at the World Hip Hop International.

If you remember, the Philippines bagged all top 3 spots during the preliminaries of the Megacrew division last week. Read all about it here. LSDC Street in first place, followed by UP in second and the All Stars in third. 

In the competition finals that commenced earlier today, the Philippines stood strong placing in the top 3, in third place. 

Results came out with UP Streetdance Club in number three scoring 8.47, Praise Team Canada in number two scoring 8.80 and Royal Family New Zealand in number one with the reigning score of 9.00. The champions of last year have won the title once again! They are in their third consecutive win but that doesn't mean that they got to the top without a fight.

The Philippine teams showed their best and pushed themselves to represent the country in the world's dance community. We might have not won championship, but the fact that we remain to be a challenging opponent says so much about the talent our country men have within them. 

World Hip Hop International 2013 is over. Let's continue supporting our Philippine dance community and await the day that our Filipino dancers get the world recognition that they deserve! World Hip Hop International 2014 here we come! 

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