KJWAN Proves Pinoy Rock Isn't Dead With A 10th Year Anniversary Celebration


Surviving 10 years in the business is no joke. The industry is a quick changing one, so being alive and kicking for years is one achievement that is worth a celebration. 

Actually, that's exactly what Kjwan did for their 10th year anniversary in the music scene. The band, along with its fans and followers headed on over to Handlebar Makati for one night to remember last Friday night, August 9, 2013.

"We want to blow your minds! We will be playing 22 motherf****** songs for you tonight!" Said the front man and vocalist of the band, Marc Abaya. The venue was packed. Not only were all tables occupied but also, many stood in anticipation of the beginning of the gig. Men and women, young and old, and foreigners and locals filled the space eager to see and mostly hear Kjwan.

One song they played was "Aking Pinangako" which Marc dedicated to all families. He gave a speech about how his family's support has been so instrumental and helpful to him before he went on captivating the audience with his remarkable voice. 

"We wanted to be Pearl Jam... Alice and Chains. We're playing for people who knew these bands," he said.  The songs they sang throughout that night were dedicated "to all our brothers and sisters, our family, and all the musicians peers." 

Aside from "Meron Ba", the band played the hit "Daliri" before they were accompanied on stage by non other than rock and roll musician icon Pepe Smith. The band, along with Smith played songs, with "Beep Beep" by Juan Dela Cruz being one of them.

Marc Abaya firmly kept on restating "pinoy rock isnt dead. We are just one out of a hundred bands that are still alive and playing!"

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  • janinesaguinsin

    posted 4 years ago

    "kjwan: sampung taon" pinaka solid at pinaka astig na concert. isa talaga sila sa dahilan kung bakit hanggang ngayon buhay pa ang OPM at kung bakit hanggang ngayon mahal ko ang OPM :)