"I Would Marry You, But I'm Not A Lesbian!" Said CARLY RAE JEPSEN Fan

MYXPH scoured the halls of the Smart Araneta Coliseum last week during Carly Rae Jepsen's concert and tried to find out what Jepsen fans had to say to their idol! When asked to give a message to the red haired and banged beauty, many of who we spoke to shared how much they loved her, saying "I love you Carly" repetitively. 

Aside from saying "stay bubbly," other fans had varying messages saying "stay pretty" and even "stay humble." Most agree that Carly should just continue doing what she's doing. The pop sensation should just be who she already is and not change at all! That's how much she is loved. A group even said "your fans love you (Carly) so much and your fans will always be here to support you." 

MYXPH certainly felt the love and admiration as young and old came running towards towards the microphone once they heard we were asking for their messages to Carly. No doubt about it, Carly has left her mark in the hearts of the public. So much so that one fan even said "I would marry you (Carly) but i'm not a lesbian! I love you that much!" 

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