FRANCO Doesn't Care About How He Looks

When you imagine Franco, you immediately think beard. His laid back style and his rugged look is what most people expect him carry. But what really is the story about his choice of wardrobe and vibe? 

MYXPH got to talk to the artist and got to ask him why he looks the way he looks. Is their a certain peg he aims to portray or is it just a personal choice?

Not many can rock the bearded look. But Franco most certainly makes it look like he owns it. We asked him, "what's up with the beard?" And his answer? "I'm just lazy to cut it off," he says jokingly. 

The performer, who was dressed down in a white t-shirt and rugged jeans said "I just wanna age gracefully." His simplicity can be obviously seen as he shows a very carefree nature.

"If i wanna grow my beard, at least I have a job that allows me to be what I wanna be," he said. And it's true, not only does the singer express himself through his music, but he freely is able to express his choice of style and living through his job, which is also his passion. 

"If I want to grow a beard, I don't care about what people think," he continued saying. Not many can sport the unruly beard, not to mention the white hair. 

Franco sings from his heart and soul, don't let his look fool you!

What can you say about Franco and his choice of wardrobe and style? Let us know by leaving a comment below!