BADBURN Rocks It Out In Brand New Music Video "The Pain Strikes"!

Filipino hardcore metal band Badburn has released a brand new music video for their single "The Pain Strikes" from their album "Crack The Weakened Surface." 

It's been said that the song is undoubtedly one of the strongest from the band with hammering guitar tunes, double pedaled-drumming and raucous vocals with growls which the band is known for.

The music video was directed by guitarist David Diaz, son of the late, great director Marilou Diaz-Abaya and younger brother of Kjwan vocalist Marc Abaya. It tells a story about betrayal and murder starring Noni Buencamino, Annicka Dolonius and Lexi Noval.

Badburn was recently in Hong Kong as they performed for Filipino hardcore metal fans, together with international artists King Lychee and Shepherds The Weak.

The band is composed of vocalist Marben Romero, guitarists David Abaya and Gil Christ Tan, bassist Hendrick Gonzales and drummer Joey Valverde.

Watch Badburn's new music video "The Pain Strikes" below:

Warning: The video below contains scenes which may not be suitable for young audience.

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