The Ms. CODY SIMPSONs Philippines Celebrate Album Launch

The handsome and charming Cody Simpson just came out with a new album this month and fans went wild in celebration!

Odyssey Gateway served as the venue for the loving fans of Cody Simpson. At the release of the new album, fans joined together for a "fans day" that consisted of performances, games and prizes! 

Margaret and Arianne of Cody Simpson Philippines spoke to MYXPH and talked about the club. According to them, the fans in the group are such big supporters. Not only are they active members who share their love about the artist, but they also serve as promoters of their idol. They post online often and even get often retweeted or even tweeted to by Cody Simpson himself! 

The album launched is Cody's Surfers Paradise. It contains eight tracks, including two collaborations with Ziggy Marley and Asher Roth.

If you're interested to hear more news about Cody Simpson, why not join the fans club? The fans club has been supporting Cody since 2010 and still supports him as his opportunities widen.

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