How Much Of A Cody Simpson Fan Are You? Fans Tells MYXPH Just How Much!

What makes you an ultimate Cody Simpson fan? 

MYXPH visited the Cody Simpson Surfers Paradise album launch and got to talk one on one with those girls who find Cody to be closest to their heart. 

We asked them, "how much of a Cody Simpson fan are you?" and they answered with the most ordinary to the most extreme explanations!

Two of them said that they've been supporting him since 2011 and 2010. That's quite a long time. Cody is so big right now, you would have never thought that he already had a huge following back then. The other spoke up saying "I actually have a Cody Simpson doll and all of his CD's." It seemed to be a common remark that they didn't have the "For You" CD but that doesn't mean they love him any less. 

One fan, who happens to be an active moderator to the Cody Simpson Philippines fans club said "I dedicate 3 hours everyday for Cody." Can you believe it? Fans give such dedication to their idol!

One out of this world story would be that of the girl who apparently took home Cody Simpson's standee! Imagine that? She took home an actual standee of the singer. Now that's an ultimate Cody fan!

How about you? How much of a Cody Simpson Fan are you?