"I Just Pack My Things And Go!" FRANCO Tells Us Where He Goes In His Free Time

MYXPH always wonders what artists do in their free time. Sure, music is what drives them everyday. Yes, making music and playing it is what they really are passionate about. But they're human too! They have other interests. MYXPH tries to find out what your favorite musicians do during their spare time. 

For all Franco fans out there, did you know that this rugged and laid back singer is actually a surfer?

Yup! He sure is! MYXPH bumped into the bearded performer and asked him about his hobbies and other interests.  

"If I have free time, the one thing that I really wanna do is go surf," he said. We could have guessed it! With his chill style, he can come off to look like a beach lover indeed. 

"Every time I have a chance, even if its too hectic to like for example go to the beach.... even after the gig, even if i'm really tired but I have a ticket to go, I just pack up my things and go!" said Franco.

He says there's something about the water and the environment that just soothes him. Possibly he lives by a  "forget about the world" perspective? He mostly enjoys riding the waves and being one with nature. 

Surfing has opened his mind to the value of the environment. "It sounds weird," he said but he truly understood how important taking care of nature was. His surfing in the clear and perfect waters of La Union has given him a brighter perspective. 

Did Franco ever strike you as a surfer? Do you think he's a good one? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 



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