AVRIL LAVIGNE Hangs Out With Her Fans Online!

Recently, Avril Lavigne was on Google Hangout as she spent quality time with her fans across Asia!

Avril was in Hong Kong last week for a show to promote her latest album and her upcoming single. As she talks about her music, Avril said that fans will be able to hear some pop songs and some rocks songs on her new record. She also hinted that she will be touring Asia next year! 

"The fans have been incredible to me in Asia. How could I not come here? The support here in Asia has been fantastic. I'm really grateful. Thank you!" Avril said.

Fans from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea India and of course the Philippines were able to ask some questions to their idol!

During the hangout, a fan from the Philippines asked, "What was it like shooting your music video for Rock and Roll?" Avril said, "The video is like super creative and different for me, I got to act in it and we have some surprises for you guys." The Filipino fan also asked, "Aside from songwriting, what else do you do during your free time?"  Avril said, "I like to party!" she joked before saying that she likes to cook and paint! "I like cooking and I like red wine. I like to paint, I like to play the piano."

For more on Avril's Google Hangout with her fans, click the video below!

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  • princessnikkisofia

    posted 4 years ago

    i love your new song Rock n Roll iam so very proud.

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    Please do an article about Vj Ai with Avril Lavigne Interview Thanks

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    VJ Ai is so lucky to see a perfect girl like Avril Lavigne!!

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    Nice 1 hahahaha


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    hello... i love your music so much.......

    rock n roll