FRANCO Doesn't Know Where OPM Is Going!

The public think that OPM is dead but in truth, OPM is very much alive! 

MYXPH spoke to Franco and got to rack his brain about his thoughts on the issue.

"To be honest with you, I mean it's still alive pero...I dont know where its going eh," Franco started. 

MYXPH wondered as to what he meant by it. I mean, there are so many artist who continue to try to convince the public that OPM is very much alive and here goes Franco sort of opposing the idea! 

We asked him further and he explained by saying "cause a lot of the artists are being brought into the industry just to sing cover songs!" He said this with an amount of irritation. This arguement has been brought up once before and it seems as though it continues to be a problem among artists now.

"How can the Philippine music industry grow if people just keep singing revival songs?" posed Franco. "OPM songs are alive now! A lot of people think that it's dead, but it's so much alive!"

Franco concluded the interview by saying "support OPM cause OPM in the Philippines is so much alive,  man! You'll be surprised how many talented Filipinos are here in the Philippine alone, my god man! Just open your eyes and open your mind.  Believe in filipino music man. That's why im here cause I believe in it!"

How do you feel about Franco's thoughts on OPM? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 



  • ja1207

    posted 4 years ago

    gawin kasi nila ung sa ibang bansa...mag-ha-hire ng mga magagaling na composers ung mga recording companies then ipapa-interpret sa mga singers...aun...