Is SOLENN Describing herself in New Song "Diva" ?


If you loved her first album, then maybe you will love her next one! 

But in the meantime, while her new album isn't out yet, why not give her new single a listen?

The sultry and sexy singer Solenn has released a new single called "Diva." This is the first track out of her upcoming sophomore album called "SOS."

Ron Henley joins the in-demand celebrity in the said song as it tells a story about divas who consider themselves more important than others. While you might think this reflects how Solenn might look at herself, it does not. Solenn shares how she has encountered many personalities who think the same way as the message of the song she sang composed by Ferdie Marquez and produced by Francis Guevarra.

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  • ja_1207

    posted 4 years ago

    I can tell what I think of the song if you provided a link for me to listen it to.