All For Mali û PAROKYA NI EDGAR Join The Deafening Call To Free Mali

OPM band Parokya ni Edgar have shown their support to the latest campaign of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

The said organization wants to transfer the ailing elephant, Mali, who is suffering in a desolate enclosure at the Manila Zoo to a lush sanctuary where she can finally be treated for the potentially fatal foot ailments that she has suffered for years.

Buwi, Darius, Dindin, Gab and Chito showed their support to the campaign by posing for a mug shot as seen above.

"Mali has been sentenced to a miserable life of solitary confinement with absolutely nothing to do day after day, year after year. Scientists, politicians, religious leaders, and tens of thousands of other concerned people have joined PETA in calling for Mali to be freed. We in Parokya ni Edgar do, too." said front man Chito Miranda.

It's been said that Mali has not received any veterinary care for more than 36 years causing her to feel so much pain in her foot. Elephants are highly social animals who naturally live in herds and suffer greatly in the absence of other elephants.

Mali is all alone, making her transfer even more urgent.

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