CHRIS BROWN Will Be Cleaning Graffiti Off Street Walls

Remember the court hearings Chris Brown has been attending? No, not the one about Rihanna. That's in the books. What we're talking about here is the hit-and-run incident that happened; the one where the singer Chris Brown was allegedly involved in. Well, an update has come up regarding that.

Chris Brown finds himself in the courtroom once again. Once for assault and now for a traffic accident. 

The "Love More" singer kept hush during his previous hearing. He came out of court with a new deal in tow. All he has to do is to perform 1,000 hours of community labor in accordance to his probation reinstatement. Examples of such would be graffiti removal and the like. 

Do you think we may see Chris Brown again with lawyers behind him? How do you feel about his recent run-ins with the law? Lets us know by leaving a comment below!