LINDSEY STIRLING Talks About Her Journey To International Success!

Dub-step violinist Lindsey Stirling was in town last weekend for a couple of shows and was able to spend time for a little chat with the 26-year-old performer.

It all started in YouTube where Stirling posted her videos performing both original compositions ("Shadows," "Spontaneous Me," "Crystallize") and cover versions of renowned hits ("Party Rock Anthem," "We Found Love," "Starships," "Grenade,").

She then joined the fourth season of America's Got Talent but fell short and was booted out in the quarter-finals. Stirling said that her stint in the competition was more of a learning experience.

"I remember thinking it was going to change my life. I got cut from the show, no agencies were knocking on my door, no labels wanted to sign me and I just thought 'Wow I blew it, I lost my biggest chance'." 

But Stirling shared that the biggest lesson she learned from her experience is that "You can't determine your success based on what other people tell you. If you persevere through the failures and the successes, eventually something will happen. The greatest moment of your life is always ahead of you."

A year ago, Stirling posted her original composition "Crystallize" on her YouTube channel and as of writing, it has already accumulated almost 70 million views! "I remember when I posted that video I was really nervous about it because it was dub-step, it was a new style and within a day I had a million views. It's really been an amazing journey, I still kinda have to pinch myself sometimes," she said. 

Curious about the video? Watch it below!

Lindsey Stirling has also released her self-titled debut album! It contains 12 original tracks including "Crystallize," "Shadows," and "Electric Daisy Violin."

Enjoy her amazing tunes and grab a copy of her album under MCA Music which is now available at all leading record bars nationwide!

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