MYXclusive: FABER DRIVE Talks About Their Music And More! got the chance to talk to Krikit Liddle of Faber Drive for a MYXclusive interview and we won't keep it a secret to all their fans out there!

The band has released their new album "Lost In Paradise" and Krikit was able to tell a little story about this new release!

"'Lost In Paradise' is a record that myself and Faber worked on. It's our third record and we wanted to make sure we put our best foot forward so we spent a lot of time writing the songs on this album."

The album contains 10 tracks including "Life Is Waiting," "Dead on the Dance Floor," "Too Little Too Late" and "Candy Store." "We wrote with the guys from Simple Plan and other artists from Canada that we know," he shared. Krikit also added that they ended up with 17 songs and had to choose the best 10 songs to put on the album.

Faber Drive's first two albums are "Seven Second Surgery" in 2007 and "Can't Keep A Secret" in 2009. According to Krikit, on their latest album, they are mixing the power ballad-rock sound with the modern type of sound. "We mixed them together into something cool, something new and something different for Faber Drive."

One of the songs in the album "Lost In Paradise" called "Do It In Hollywood" is one of the three songs the band wrote with Simple Plan. "It's a song that they have written originally for their record and they sent it to us. We loved the song. It's a good, uptempo, really fun song and it has some good things to say. We got together with them, we worked on the song, we recorded it, we released it and we're really happy with it," he said.

Krikit said that it was so amazing being able to work with Simple Plan. "It was a really good chance to build a good relationship with those guys. They've taken us on a couple of tours across Canada... Over the last few years we've built a pretty good friendship with them... They're great guys and I have nothing bad to say about them at all."

"Candy Store," their sweet-sounding tune from the album was able to enter the MYX International Top 20 last month and we also asked Krikit about this LSS-worthy song!

"We were just writing one afternoon and decided to write a song about candy and put a spin on the old saying 'I'm like a kid in a candy store.' We went down to the corner store and bought six bags of candies. We sat down on the table and took all the different types of candies and tried to put the names of the candies into the song."

Watch their music video for "Candy Store" below!

Of course, Krikit also sent a message to all of their fans here in the Philippines!

"We spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook and we have really noticed that fans in the Philippines are huge supporters of Faber Drive. They've been here for us for a long time since we released 'Tongue Tied'  and 'When I'm With You' two years ago. Even though we've never got the chance to come out and play for the people in the Philippines, everybody there's just been so great and so supportive and we're really happy. We're really hoping that it's going to turn into some concert soon."

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