MYXPH Asks Katipunan Fashionistas Their Style Secrets!

Just how much of students' savings go to their wardrobe?á

No doubt about it, time have turned to be harder and money still hasnt begun on trees. Almost everyone is focused on following their frugal ways. From eating less to shopping less, people have done numerous measures just to save up!

MYXPH got curious and started walking the streets of Katipunan to find out just what students have to say. Moreover, we wanted to find out how they budget their "baon" so they can still look good and stylish.

We ran into Kate from Taytay. She wore a look that cost her only P550! Imagine that! She said, "I'm a student lang, so budget friendly lang ang mga sinusuot ko."

The case is compeltely different for Allen from Marikina who wore almost an entire ensemble of Giordano! Around P4000 just for on look! For Allen, áspending isn't probably an issue if you're buying the right brands.á

Larina on the other hand budgets her looks to cost up to only P500. She wore a polo from Cotton On and shorts she created from an old pair of jeans.

Kat from Ateneo said that she runs to the cheapest bazaars and shops found at Tiendesitas and Eastwood for her outfits. Looks like she definitely knows how to look great without burning her pocket!

What do you think about their style? How do you budget your baon? Let us know by leaving a comment below!



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