Krikit From FABER DRIVE Reveals His Favorite Candy From The "Candy Store"!

Photo from Faber Drive's official Facebook page.

Few days ago we got on the phone with Krikit Liddle of Faber Drive for a little chit-chat where he talked about their current album "Lost In Paradise," working with the guys from Simple Plan and their singles "Do It In Hollywood" and "Candy Store"!

According to Krikit, "Candy Store" came about when they were "just writing one afternoon and decided to write a song about candy and put a spin on the old saying 'I'm like a kid in a candy store.' We went down to the corner store and bought six bags of candies. We sat down on the table and took all the different types of candies and tried to put the names of the candies into the song."

As he was telling this story, one question popped out from our mind. We asked him, "What's your favorite candy?"

"My favorite candy would be Swedish Berries!" he revealed.

But wait, during our chat, front man Faber was beside Krikit the whole time and he also shared to us his favorite candy!

"This is a favorite of mine, it's Black Licorice!" Faber said.

So when the guys are in a sugar rush, this is what they get from the candy store! 

Krikit said that they are hoping to visit the Philippines soon for a concert. Maybe they can bring some Swedish Berries and Black Licorice for their Filipino fans, right?

What about you, what's your favorite candy? Share it to us by leaving a comment below!