Bazooka Rocks 2 Trendsetters

The SMX Convention Center halls were filled with a sea of people for the Bazooka Rocks 2!

Almost everyone came all punked up and dressed in rock gear outside the SMX Convention Center, while doors were still closed. It looked as if everybody was just so ready to rock their face off and have one hell of a time! Even more fashionable attendees arrived later on the day and night, catching the eye of MYX as we covered the event!

While some came in wearing a hint to even a full on attire in neon, as advised by Pulp and the people behind the festival, some came in flaunting their own sense of style. Let's go through some of the people that specifically turned MYXPH's head around for a second look.

Meet monotone maven France Ching. Not only did her spiked and studded snapback catch our attention, but her pinstripe leggings got us quite hypnotized by her look! "I'm going for black and white," she said when we asked her what she was exactly pegging. Definitely her neutral ensemble popped out a midst the crowd dressed in neon and colorful combinations. Who says you can't be fashion forward for a concert? Good thing Bazooka Rocks is indoors, she didn't have to worry about sweating it out! We bet she can't say the same though for the last festival she attended, the Pulp Summerslam, which was held outdoors. We wonder what she might have worn under that sun! 

Another lady that got us looking twice is Eira Raye Gruta who works as a writer and happens to be a dedicated MYX voter. She described her look as a merge between the blackout Pulp Bazooka Rocks 2 theme and a psychedelic hippie feel. Nowadays, you don't have to go all rock for a rock concert. This stylish sister enjoys dressing up to leave an impression. She even shared how fashion has urged her to be excited about attending concerts, such as Wanderland. "That's the reason why I really went (to Wanderland)," she shared, "to dress up and not be judged!" Well, MYXPH judged you and gives you a 10 for that outfit you came up with. Good going!

That wraps up our fashion watch at Bazooka Rocks 2! Lesson learned? No matter the genre, you can jack up your outfit to fit whatever feel or style you please! 

What do you think about the two most stylish attendees we found? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Let us know by leaving a comment below!