Fans Rocked Their Faces Off at Bazooka Rocks 2

Another Bazooka Rocks music festival has come to a close!

After such a successful event once before, the people behind Bazooka Rocks created and were able to carry out yet another rock music festival worth remembering. 

Fans of bands such as Uchusentai Noiz, Tonight Alive, Anberlin, A Rocket To The Moon, We Came As Romans, All Time Low, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and RadioDriveBy got the chance to not only see and hear them play live, but also meet and greet them in the flesh!

This year's Bazooka Rocks was really a haven for all die hard fans. Thanks to Pulp Live World, so many band up close and personal opportunities arose for fans and followers. Pulp really wanted to give the viewers what they wanted and most especially their money's worth.

The festival ran indoors and housed mostly ranging from mid high school to early college aged male and female fans. As early as around 9:30 am, people came lining up and overly excited to get the festival starting.

The halls had a massive stage dressed in lights and surrounded by speakers. Around the venue, booths were found attending to concert goers who were either hungry or willing to be entertained. Aside from the inflatable slide and the free photo booth, there were food stalls, beer booths, a resting station and a charging area as well! All throughout the event, fans had their scheduled meet and greets, if they did not join in on the crowd for the current band playing or are in line for some band merchandise.

The concert began on schedule. Local bands like Penguin! Mad Hatter Day, Faint Light and Save Me Hollywood  commanded the scene to hype up the crowd. By the time the foreign acts came in, people began to start a riot as mosh pits popped up here and there. We can say fans were more or less emotional and in awe listening to their favorite bands.

Memorable moments during the concert would be that time Tonight Alive took a photo of the crowd, A Rocket to the Moon took a video with the crowd behind them, bras fell from above for All Time Low, bubbles soared through the air during Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' "Your Guardian Angel", We Came as Romans sang their rendition of "Glad You Came", and fans were left crying to the last song of A Rocket to the Moon. For more photographs, click here  

If you didn't get to come and watch, then maybe you can look forward to the next one! For sure you will have an awesome time, just like those who attended last August 25. 

Wish you came? Let us know by leaving a comment below!



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