Band Shirt Battle At Bazooka Rocks 2

One trend that MYXPH was able to catch during the Bazooka Rocks music festival is the obvious choice to wear band t-shirts! Every where you looked you would see people dressed with names of bands who were performing that day, and even those names of those who weren't even part of the festival! The merchandise line was like a snake that filled almost one-fourth of the SMX area. That's how eager fans were to proudly wear their favorite bands, and that's how happy they were to flaunt their love and appreciation for their music! 

Take Josh Lim for example. He proudly wore his the Ataris shirt for sentimental reasons, according to him. He says wearing band shirts sort of brings a sense of nostalgia. It's like remembering your childhood! The Ataris might have not played that night, but Josh certainly made it feel like they were there through his shirt!

Stanley Syjuco from Colegio San Agustine on the other hand wore a Pierce the Veil shirt. They weren't playing but he sure felt that urge to proclaim his dedication to the band, even without their presence. He even shared how he has seven band shirts all in all. Now that's a lot of band loving right there!

Another non performing band name we saw worn by more than 6 people was the band Mayday Parade. Shawn Asuncion may not have had the chance to see them play last Circuit Fest, but he says the he sure wishes he gets to see, and hear them live, the next time that they come around.

This Tonight Alive and All Time Low fan in yellow is Kipp Pascual. This DLSU student shares the love for band shirts and even has four other bands tucked in his closet! We wonder if he has one for the All Time Low...

Kurt Adam Bringas from Trinity, went through all the trouble of international shipping just for this shirt! Imagine that? Now that's dedication! Aside form being a big All Time Low fan, he loves Tonight alive as well. 

Who says only concert goers can dress that way? Juneo Adriatico, part of the crew, is a big We Came As Romans fan, as obviously stated by his shirt. He didn't feel the desire to buy Bazooka Rocks merchandise anymore, sine he already got the band name proudly worn on his chest.

While mostly men wore the shirts, MYXPH was able to find die hard fans as well dressed in their favorite band shirt wear! UST student Andrea Escamilla, Ateneo student Gaby Tuazon, and UP Visayas student Celina Tugonon were high school friends who reunited for the Bazooka Rocks concert. According to these three, Built By Sonic is the way to go to get the best modern merch on your fave bands. Sounds like its worth a peek, avid concert goers!

Which band shirt is your favorite? Or rather, which band is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!