A ROCKET TO THE MOON Bids Fans Farewell

It was one last show for A Rocket to the Moon last Sunday, August 25, at the Bazooka Rocks 2 music festival. 

Just six weeks after releasing their new album titled "Wild and Free," the band, A Rocket to the Moon, announced that they will be breaking up. While Filipino fans initially felt sad about the news, the Filipino followers felt happy to know that they could get to see them one last time together during the Bazooka Rocks 2. 

The band said, during their set, "we're not used to being the last to play." The crowd roared and cheered with appreciation. By the time it was their last song, the massive audience started chanting "don't breakup!" in an attempt to keep the band together.

Members of the band spoke words from the heart when they said "maybe if you sing louder and start jumping around more, we'll think about staying together." And the crowd did as told.

"More! More! More," were the last words that came out of the mouths of the die hard fans. A Rocket to the Moon was so touched by the fan's response to their set that they agreed to playing three more songs instead of the five songs the crowd was asking for.

Tears filled the eyes of fans once the performance was over. Everywhere MYXPH looked, we saw attendees crying and wiping their tears from their cheeks. They stayed immobile hoping the band would stay to sing some more but the lights turned low and the show was over.

It was a heartbreaking sight to see. Even upon exiting the venue, you could see people all red and teary eyed. 

The Filipino fans really do love A Rocket to the Moon. It was a privilege to have been able to hear them live. 

Were you able to hear them? Did you attend? How do you feel about the band's break up? Let us know by leaving a comment below!



  • ja1207

    posted 4 years ago

    My fav song of them is "Baby We're Invincible"