Filipino ALL TIME LOW Fans Make Bra History!

MYXPH was on a look out for Bazooka Rocks' best dressed when we met this lady who wore a stylish shirt not only for the look but for a cause!

We at MYXPH were surprised when we found out where this lady got her cute band shirt. According to Che Nickelsen, she didn't have to buy the shirt cause Pulp, the organizers of the event, gladly gave it to her- FOR FREE!

Apparently, Che is a big All Time Low fan. And just like any die hard All Time Low fan, Che would do anything to make the band have their most memorable concert here. 

The people behind Bazooka Rocks, and the hundreds of fans like Che joined forces to be able to collect an ample amount of bras to drop from the ceiling for All Time Low. An agenda circulated the Twittersphere and Che was one of those who pushed to make the dream a reality!

If you don't know it yet, All Time Low is known for having bras in hand during their performances. Bazooka Rocks wanted to give the band a surprise and so bras were hung above the massive crowd, and we let go during one of All Time Low's songs. It was confetti in literally all shapes and sizes! 

Surely All Time Low fans were able to make history! 

Wish you had seen it? Look at the photo of the All Time Low show here.

Did you donate a bra? Would you have? What do you think!Let us know by leaving a comment below!




    posted 4 years ago

    wow! grabi!!!