Concert Goers Unite In NNBR

MYXPH stumbled upon a massive group of avid concert goers during the BAzooka ROcks 2 rock music festival at SMX. We found their story to be so interesting that we decided to set them aside to learn more about their passion for music.


Gabrielle Fonseca (in black) is one of the admins of NNBR or No Name Because Reasons. According to her the group initially formed for the first Bazooka Rocks concert. They all met online through a contest and decided to meet up and create a group of their own. 

This particular group shares the same love for music, whatever genre it may be. Their love for music has urged them to encourage each other to attend festivals and concerts together. 

Their private Facebook group serves as their channel to talk about gigs, concerts or even simple hangouts anywhere. In simpler terms, NNBR consists of concert buddies. 

Who ever said that you have to go to a concert alone? NNBR brings people together. Anyone can join, said Gabrielle!

With the youngest member being 13 and oldest being 30, the group doesn't discriminate and unites simply for the love of music! So for all you concert lovers out there, maybe NNBR is for you. 

Their weekly polls on concerts and invitation to gigs keeps them passionate about their fave bands and makes them even more open to the local music scene.

Follow @officialnnbr on Twitter to join the alliance! 

Willing to join? Do you know of any other concert groups out there? Let us know by leaving a comment below!