John Mayer releases his new album, Paradise Valley!

After almost two years of being under treatment for throat complications, Grammy Award singer-songwriter John Mayer is back with a brand new album, Paradise Valley.

It's been quite a while since John made any public performance due to a throat surgery thus, giving him space and more time to reboot his image from all the annoying past media indulgence. It was already during the release of his previous album, Born and Raised that he introduces his brand of Americana folk country music. Unfortunately, tours and other performances were cancelled until he is fully recovered from his throat condition.

Released last August 20, Paradise Valley is John's bolder move towards folk country music. The album title is derived from a major river valley in southwestern Montana. Much like his previous albums, John continues to show an autobiographical offerings in this record. While still tracing on a blues guitar background, John makes a more definitive mark of his folk country influence from songwriting to instrumentation. It's a beautiful link of his pop-rock lineage and his down-to-the-ground folk-blues roots.

His first single from the album, "Paper Doll", was released last July followed by another feel-good track, "Wildfire" which will surely put his fans' hands clapping. Interestingly, his real-life girlfriend, Katy Perry appears on the old-soul mellow track "Who You Love". Unlike his previous albums, John liberates himself with the electric guitar solos here and there. 

Paradise Valley may be John Mayer's most honest attempt yet to offer his musical roots and personal rewakening.