Tattoo Talk With FRANCO

Ever wonder what stories come along tattoos? 

Well MYXPH got a bit curious and wanted to find out just what reasons go behind the ink in artists' bodies

This time we got to talk to Franco! We asked him what his tattoo meant, and he said "it's trying to raise  up to whatever you believe in. Trying to overcome life's obstacles."

It sure sounds like Franco's tattoo is of emotional essence to him! We asked him if he planned to get another tattoo soon and he said "every free time I get, I always go to the beach. I always go to surf." He explained how difficult it would be for him to get tattoo because of his great desire to surf. his love for the ocean overpowers his want for a new tattoo. He said he would rather not get one than to get one and have it washed away by the water an ruined by it. 

Listen to him talk about it below!