MYX Magazine Meets Directioners At Astroplus

Where you able to attend the awaited MYX Magazine One Direction event at Astroplus? 

If no, well, lucky you cause here's MYXPH to give you a brief idea of what just happened! Want to see photos from the MYX Magazine event at Astroplus? Click here!

MYXPH spoke to the fans who excitedly came to the event to claim their own copy of the MYX Magazine One Direction edition. According to Caitlin and Rhea, they met up just so they could go together to the event. A bunch of fans even said "gustong gusto talaga namin 'to kaya through internet pa po kami nagwawala." MYXPH felt that desire online, which is why MYX gave the first people to buy freebies from the number one music channel in the Philippines!

Abigail said, "last july pa ako naghihintay for a 1D event. MYX fan fin ako kaya nung nalaman ko na may issue sila, bumili kagad ako." Steph and Sophia on the other hand, found out about the event because of her mom! "She's a directioner too, so that's why she keeps looking about things about them!" one child said. 

We wanted ot find out what exactly they were looking forward to see in the magazine and while some said it was the meaning of the One Direction members' tattoos, others said it was he lyrics and freebies! 

"Sobrang masaya po kami na mayroong event na makikilala namin yung mga ibang Directioners...making new friends," said one group of die hard One Direction fans. 

MYXPH definitely felt the love and appreciation not only toward One Direciton but towards MYXPH as well! One approached us and said "everyday, I watch the Daily Top Ten, kaya minsan nalalate pa ako! I have an alarm on my cellphone to remind me to vote for Daily Top Ten and an alarm for the MYX schedule!"

Thank you to all those who came to the event and to those who continue to show their support to MYXPH.

Did you attend the event? Do you have your own copy already? Let us know by leaving a comment below!



  • reema

    posted 4 years ago

    pls give me some of myx ph lattest magazine