VJ KARLA and RENEE OLSTEAD Shopping Buddies?

This was VJ Karla's reaction when she got the chance to hang around with Renee Olstead for an episode at MYX. Not only did VJ Karla have a marvelous time with the talented singer but Renee herself too found the experience to be one worth the Instagram post. Just check out her photo post on @renee_o below!

Let MYXPH give you behind the scenes footage of their interaction. Watch the clip below and find out how Renee comforts VJ Karla cause of an exhausting day. Not only does Renee come to her and hold her but she gives her a hug as well! Renee was definitely one sweet guest to have on MYX! Did we mention that she even spoke to Karla about a probable shopping date? Find out all about this by watching below! 

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