RENEE OLSTEAD Sings for MYX and Shares A Few Interesting Things About Herself

Did you know that Renee Olstead is a dog lover? Well, that's just one of the few things we learned after MYXPH got the chance to talk to her at the MYX studios! 

Apparently, all her dogs are named after musicians! Well, all of them except one. There's Fat Domino, Sgt. Pepper, Otis Redding and well, the only non music named dog, Hugo. Renee rethinks about changing it's name to Prince to add him into the theme.

Aside from that, the talented singer is also into vintage! She does not only enjoy going to flea markets and thrift shopping but also has fun collecting records! 

Did Renee strike you to be the type? Learn more about her through the video below!

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