Does A Filipino Celebrity Win The Spot For HARI's Fave Gwiyomi Video?

Ever wonder what Hari's favorite Gwiyomi video is? 

So many Koreans and even Filipinos have made their own version of the Gwiyomi video. The song is so catchy that even our celebrities jumped in the bandwagon! 

Check out Sam Concepcion's version below. Prior to his performance with the Gwiyomi girl herself at Hari's press conference, Sam had already practiced his Gwiyomi poses.

Our red-haired singer Yeng Constantino also made a home video, if you haven't seen it yet!

Everybody has seen Cosplayer Alodia do her fair share of Gwiyomi poses. Look below!

We've seen all the other videos. But what could be Hari's favorite fan video?  Well VJ Ai got the chance to sit down with Hari and tried her best to find out which one. 

According to Hari, it comes off as very amusing and flattering for her to see that many people have gotten into the Gwiyomi craze. She says she likes watching Filipinos do it but her top fan video would be the one of the police officer. 

A female police officer went out of her way to get silly singing along to the Gwiyomi song in her police attire. Hari says she and her mom find this video below the most interesting. See it for yourself!

Do you agree that this should win best Gwiyomi fan video? what do you think? let us know by leaving a comment below!