MYX VJ SAM CONCEPCION Imitates HARI's Gwiyomi Poses

If you've made your own version of the Gwiyomi video, then maybe you know Hari, the girl who sang the song herself. 

The Korean singer visited the country for a mall tour this month. Not only did fans get to see her sing her song live but also, they were able to watch her do it with the popular hand gestures that came along with it.

MYX VJ Sam Concepcion got a chance to perform on stage for and with Hari during her press conference. After singing a song from his new album, Sam went on stage to amuse the audience for a duo performance of the Gwiyomi Song.

Look at VJ Sam try to out-cute the Gwiyomi girl herself!



What can you say about VJ Sam's Gwiyomi poses? Does the song fit him?


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