What Happened to AUSTIN MAHONE's "Big Day"?


So it's not just another Thursday for YouTube sensation Austin Mahone as he started the day greeting his 4 million Twitter followers a good morning and breaking the news that he's taking his driver's test -- the BIG day!

Sure, a lot wished him luck..

..but it seemed as if these weren't enough, because after an hour Austin broke the news that he failed..

..and that he was told to stop singing in the car! (We do hope that's not the reason why he failed though.) 

After an hour of tweeting the bad news, hope returned for the YouTube sensation for he was granted a Take 2!

But then again..

But it seems as if no one can stop Austin from finally getting his license as he closes his BIG day with a tweet saying that he's going to practice his driving.. for another test scheduled today!

Good luck, Austin!

Do you know any driving tips for Austin which can help him finally pass the test? Share them here!