Gwiyomi Girl Hari Speechless with VJ Ai

MYXPH Got the chance to talk to the girl behind the cute and catchy Gwiyomi song, Hari. Just like in her music video, Hari exuded the same sweetness and cheerfulness in person. 

We asked VJ Ai to tell us about how she felt about meeting the Korean star. According to her, it was fun to talk to Hari. Although there was a language barrier, Hari was able to express her thoughts through an interpreter. One memorable moment VJ Ai shared was that time Hari promoted her album.


Apparently, it was the first time she saw her album. She had no idea what it looked like until she saw it when she held it out for MYX. Just look at her reaction below!


It took some time for her to compose herself. She was all giddy and happy to see what the CD looked like. After a few chuckles here and there, she invited the public to grab a copy.


That little moment goes to show how cute and adorable Hari really is! No doubt about it, this Korean star is a humble one. Catch her in Ayala Malls during her visit here in the Philippines and join her sing Gwiyomi! 

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  • Smtmscute

    posted 4 years ago

    oh thank you so much, i appreciate it hehe

  • angel143

    posted 4 years ago

    oo nga tama ka!! kapareha tyong naisip hahhahaa.

  • Smtmscute

    posted 4 years ago

    anu ba yan mas mukha pang korean si vj ai at mas cute pa kaysa kay hari