"It's an honor to work with a talent like ANNE CURTIS" - MARTIN NIEVERA

Remember that video of Anne Curtis and Martin Nievera that hit YouTube and generated more than 1 million views and 15,000 likes? 

Well, MYXPH certainly does! That's why when we got the chance to speak to Martin Nievera, we asked him hoe he felt about it! 

"It's an honor to work with a talent like Anne Curtis," Martin began. The music video that went around on Facebook was an idea by Marvin Querido. According to Martin, "it was his dream to see Anne and I on this song (With Or Without You.)"

MYXPH could see how happy Martin is about the positive response of the public to the song. "It went viral, and till this day, I don't feel well!" Martin joked around.

Martin dreams that more and more artists become more open and actually start collaborating. He ended by saying "music is timeless. There are no rules." 

Many should be just like Anne and Martin, who come from a different music generations. Age and style doesn't matter, it's just all about finding the right kind of mix to be able to create music that encompasses all generations.

If you haven't seen the video we're talking about, here it is below.

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