"Goodbye OPM, Hello To The New World!" - SOMEDAYDREAM

After giving out an open letter to his fans four months ago where he announced that he will be releasing his second, maybe his last album as his synthpop playing alter ego, Somedaydream yesterday gave out the second and final part of his letter in his official Facebook page.

Believing that his decisions are "necessary for my own transparency, professionalism and happiness," Rez Toledo, his real name, announced that Somedaydream is now officially his side project. "I've decided to give more focus on 'this other side of me'."

Toledo also clarified that everything he said in his first letter are still true which you can read by clicking here.

He hinted that his upcoming and probably his last Somedaydream album will contain at least eight never-before-heard tracks that are all originals, but said that the release date for it is still indefinite.

According to Toledo, the only reason for his big decision is change and growth.

"We all have to deal with it... I have to start with me."

So he revealed that he will soon be changing both his Twitter and Instagram usernames and guess what, he wants to know your suggestions! If you have a good Twitter and Instagram username for him in your mind, go hit him up!

Toledo also shared that he will hopefully be introducing new projects this year.

"A new local youth club for music producers, DJs, songwriters and musicians, an electronic music-education project, and my personal blog."

He took the chance to warn the readers of his letter about the "dangers of OPM" saying that "The term, its usage, the ramifications of all of it, is wrong. It causes problems, it's overrated, overused and has already ran its course. I wish to explain all of these in the coming months and I'd love for everyone to join this overdue discussion / discourse."

"With all that said and done, here I can finally say: Goodbye to OPM, hello to the new world!"

Read his full statement by clicking here.

Somedaydream's self-titled debut album was released in November 2011 and spawned the hit single "Hey Daydreamer". 

He was nominated in six categories at the MYX Music Awards 2012, winning Favorite MYX Celebrity VJ.

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  • ja120790

    posted 4 years ago

    nice...he is very smart to know that the term OPM has been overused for so long...I hope he becomes successful whatever professional life he intends of taking...he's still very young anyway...