MYXclusive: Interview with Rihanna Diamonds Asia Tour Front Act GTA

MYXPH got the chance to speak to the front act of tonight's big concert. GTA, known for their upbeat music will be the front act for Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour Asia leg. 

The duo had never gone to the Philippines before. They said that playing for Rihanna has given them the opportunity to play for hundreds and hundreds of people, aside from getting the chance to travel to places they have only dreamed of or have never even thought of visiting before.

Aside from playing the front act tonight, GTA has played front for Rihanna as well, during her Europe leg. "She invited us in Asia, Australia, Africa..the Caribbean," one of them said. It looks like another two month whirlwind adventure for GTA.

When we asked them what there was to expect tonight, they said that for sure Rihanna's concert will give everyone a good time. As for their set though, they said that they plan to hype up the crowd and get everyone "nice and warmed up."

No doubt about it, the concert sounds a lot of fun!

Will you be there? Have you bought your tickets yet?