Bea Lesaca: First Bgirl To Represent The Philippines, Against 7 Others, At The Mighty 4 Hip Hop Festival

The Philippine dance community makes us proud yet again! Not only have we bagged a place at the recent World Hip Hop International competition, but we also have a bgirl to send to the Mighty 4, a Hip Hop Festival based in San Francisco, USA this October 5, 2013. 

Bea Lesaca is a homegrown Filipina breakdancer or "bgirl" that has been chosen to compete alongside 7 of the best female bgirls in the world. Imagine that? This is the first time Mighty 4 (Djing, Emceeing, Graffiti and Breaking) has invited a Philippines-based bgirl join in the competition.

The founder who happens to be a Filipino himself, is happy to know that finally the Philippines is ready to take part in the battle. It comes of as a milestone especially because it's 15th year anniversary of Mighty 4.

MYXPH wanted to find out what this Philippine Allstars and Funk Roots Crew member has to say about this honorable invitation. We found a way to speak to this talented dancer and found out how she feels about it all.

MYXPH: So how does it feel to be chosen to compete alongside 7 of the best female bgirls in the world? 

BEA LESACA: "Definitely overwhelming! Excited and scared at the same time! But really looking forward to this adventure."

Looks like our country's representative is confident and ready to wave our Philippine flag in the bigger dance scene. She went on about how she feels this opportunity is a sort of birth right. She explained by saying "Filipinos are very passionate about dance. and by doing this, It's my way of service to my country, the best way I know how."

MYXPH: What do you think sets you aside from other bgirls? Is being a Filipino a factor? 

BEA LESACA: "For me it's the life and grind in Manila that sets me apart. Philippines is very Hip Hop and I grew up on that, and that's what I'm bringing with me in the US."

Nothing beats the Filipino spirit. We can definitely see how Bea stands to be a proud Filipino, ready to hustle and bustle for the glory of our country. She said that her preparations for the said event has been a sort of well rounded approach. "Aside from training everyday, i do gymnastics as well. I also study the science and art behind it, like watch documentaries and classic battles to understand its foundation more," she mentioned. She went on thanking her support system. The Philippine All Stars and Funk Roots have been keeping her "sane when things just get too real." Aside from that, she lifts everything up to the Lord. "I pray to thank God for this once in a lifetime opportunity that he blessed me with."

MYXPH: What message do you want to give your competitors in the upcoming battle?
BEA LESACA: "Hm, I guess... see you on the floor?"

Show your pride and support for our chance at another dance title! See you at the send off event? Let us know by leaving a comment below!