AIZA SEGUERRA Talks About Her Second Love

Aiza Seguerra publicly announced her love for her girlfriend Liza Di±o during her concert with Charice Pempengco titled "Power of 2: Unbreakable Tour." But do you know who, or rather what she declares to be her second love? 

"I've been doing theatre since nine. Second love ko is probably yes pasok siya."

At such a young age, Aiza Seguerra has wowed the audience with her impeccable talent in performing arts. As a child star, she could sing, dance and even cough up a chuckle from her viewers! But aside from all those, Aiza is one hell of an actress.

But how odes she find the time to continue doing that when she's working so hard on her music?

Aiza answered saying, "ako kasi ung tao na organized chaos. Like in my gig, most of the time we don't rehearse. I like the pagiging organic ng bagay-bagay. But of course there are times you miss it, and of course when you miss that, (I) go to theatre."

She says there's something about the precision that acting requires which attracts her to the craft.  precision. "It's a different kind of animal and I enjoy it every once in a while. I can't see myself doing it forever. Okay siya once a year pang break, pero once I get my fix... i'm fine," said Aiza.

Watch the video below to find more about it!

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